We are experts in hospital facilities, medicinal gases, vinyl floors, maintenance of medical equipment, compressors, insulation boards, among others. Always complying with current regulations. Our purpose is to provide our clients with the best experience based on their needs, offering them the appropriate option in their integral projects or services they need.

Our services

Medicinal gases

If your hospital needs a medical gas supply.

We offer you the best solution, we have oxygen generation systems on site. In addition, we offer you the best alternative in the gas network and its components.

Hospital air compressor

We know that the capacity of the compressors may be insufficient given the growth of your hospital.

We offer the supply and installation of compressed air free of moisture, oil and hydrocarbons.

Hospital floors

Comply with the NOM-016-SSA3-2012 regulation, update the floors of your hospital with us.

We offer the supply and installation of conductive and antibacterial floors. Improve the spaces of your hospital offering the best quality floors for your treatment areas, operating rooms, waiting room, offices, procedure room, among others.

Antibacterial curtains

 Give your hospital the best finishing touches with our antibacterial curtains. Made with special fabric, high-tech materials, with the best characteristics, fire retardant, antistatic, stain resistant and durable.

Insulation Boards (Post Glover / Lifelink)

 Protect the life of the patient with the electrical safety that your hospital needs. Avoid the risk of electrocution during surgeries, receiving the best isolation boards for your hospital from experts.

Comprehensive maintenance

Did your equipment stop working properly due to lack of maintenance?

Don't worry, if your medical equipment is not working properly, we give you the best solution, corrective maintenance, calibrations, and even preventive maintenance, among more services.

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